"Crime is Down, Again"

“Crime is Down Again” attributes the dramatic decline in New York City crime figures over the preceding two years to new New York City Police Department measures instituted under Mayor Giuliani, though this claim is inconsistently supported by firsthand experience or scholarship.

“Crime is Down Again,” an editorial in the December 23, 1995 issue of The New York Times, attributes the unusually rapid drop in New York City’s crime figures over the preceding two years, in part, to new New York City Police Department (NYPD) policies instituted under Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Commissioner William Bratton (such as the crackdown on quality-of-life infractions). Although the long-term significance of the New York City figures remains inconclusive, the authors argue that it is difficult to deny any credit for this shift to the NYPD, even in light of the department’s then-recent misconduct. However, the authors’ claims that the city “actually feel[s] safer” and that this environment is a direct result of the mayor’s new policies are left unsubstantiated.

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