This RadioTalk TV interview featuring Gertrude LaForgia and Walter Alicea discusses measures taken in the New York City Police Department to build police-community relations.

This segment of RadioTalk TV featuring host Dara Welles, Gertrude LaForgia, NYPD Assistant-Chief and Commander of Queens North Patrol Bureau, and Walter Alicea, Deputy Commissioner for Community Affairs, discusses structural changes in the New York City Police Department (NYPD) to improve administrative oversight and measures taken to improve community relations. LaForgia and Alicea assert that, although Mayor Giuliani’s focus on quality-of-life issues has been accompanied by a substantial statistical decrease in crime, a more profound shift must address the public’s perception of its safety as rooted in firsthand experience. Because this new philosophy resulted in increased civilian complaints against the police, the Office of Community Affairs has a critical mission — to act as a liaison between the police and the community and cultivate police-community relations through various initiatives.

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